His Grace Music World

Income Increase:




Monthly Revenue in Naira:

₦ 53400


₦ 100000

Monthly Profit in Naira:

₦ 50400


₦ 100000

Number of Jobs Created:





Owned by Egbeyemi James, His Grace Music World sells DVDs, foreign and local CDs, phone accessories. He also hosts events and offers music lessons. He is part of the GEN Osun OYES cohort launched in November 2013. GEN is working with James to address cyclicality in demand.

Goals and Vision

He wants to build an empire entertainment store in Nigeria. His ideal business would sell music, DVDs while offering services including performances, lessons, and event planning, all of which have potential to create employment in disparate communities. He already performs a one-man music band at his local church.

Background Story/Before GEN

Prior to GEN, James had received a microfinance loan from another organization and was able to set up a stand selling phone equipment and providing cell phone repair services. With GEN's training and support, he was able to validate further demand, set up a store, and purchase equipment.