Changers Dry Cleaners

Income Increase:




Monthly Revenue in Naira:

₦ 145800


₦ 100000

Monthly Profit in Naira:

₦ 86470


₦ 100000

Number of Jobs Created:





Neighborhood cleaner in Yaba district, an up-and-coming area of students, young professionals. Changers has 24 key clients attracted by the convenient location and delivery service.

Goals and Vision

A city-wide cleaner recognized for its convenience, efficiency and trust. Christian is exploring the potential for a network of kiosk drop-off/ collection centers for wide coverage, with a central cleaning facility and well-run pick-up/delivery network. Also, Changers will build capacity to service commercial clients like hospitals and hotels.

Background Story/Before GEN

The oldest of five, Christian was responsible for supporting his family. As a result, he migrated to Lagos from Akwa Ibom State looking for opportunities. Given the lack of formal work, he taught himself how to drive okada (motorcycle taxi) and saved funds to launch his own business, living on the streets, often sleeping under bridges. After several hardships and lost assets, Christian apprenticed with high end dry cleaners, then connected with GEN to gain the skills to launch his own cleaners.