Entrepreneur-in-Residence/Co-Founder/Business Designer

In Brief

  • Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Can you bootstrap?
  • Can you lead, motivate, and mentor a team?
  • Are you a student of lean startup methods? Data-driven and systematic?
  • Can you get your hands dirty, operating and executing as necessary?
  • Do you want to impact underprivileged urban youth who would otherwise have limited career prospects?
  • Do you have a business idea that you’ve been waiting to put into action?


Generation Enterprise (GEN) builds businesses that provide employment and a pathway to ownership for underprivileged youth. Having launched over 25 enterprises and trained over 300 youth abroad, we are focused on creating SMEs that can serve as a platform for skills building, personal development, and wealth creation.

GEN seeks entrepreneurially inclined individuals, with or without a business idea, to apply for the position of Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) in New Delhi, India. You would be part of the founding class, implying both a great deal of opportunity and uncertainty. Your work could include co-evaluating venture opportunities that you might lead, working with us to plan and structure the venture, and ultimately cofounding and growing the venture.

While profitability and market potential are essential, the true goal of our ventures is to employ and train local low-income youths while they work, with a view to scale for increased impact, measured by employment and incomes. An important aspect of this business is that the employees will be given the opportunity to buy back GEN’s shares in the company over time. We seek to create wealth and community ownership, not just incomes, for our employees.

Reporting to the Country Director, you will build out, lead and mentor your team with a high degree of independence and initiative. Over time, you may also coach them on basic business management skills, accounting, operations, and marketing strategy. Guidance and mentoring will be provided to you by several members of the GEN team, including the Regional Director, global CEO, global President/COO, and others on the team, with backgrounds working in development, emerging markets private equity, entrepreneurship, and other fields.


  • Establish and grow an innovative business to 20+ employees and profitability;
  • Co-design the service/product and conduct market research and tests to validate;
  • Determine and continually improve growth strategy and plan;
  • Determine financing needs as necessary;
  • Implement operating controls and internal processes / systems as needed;

Skills Required

  • Entrepreneurial: prior experience running a business or occupying a high-level operating position
  • Tactical: the ability to set your own priorities and work-plan;
  • Resourcefulness: can adjust to the environment and work with limited resources and overhead;
  • Judgment: the ability to navigate complex challenges, balance competing interests, and identify the optimal path forward when no course is ideal;
  • Flexibility: prior international work experience and/or working in positions of high-ambiguity a plus
  • Empathy: ability to communicate with people from different socio-economic-cultural backgrounds
  • Strategic: ability to map out an industry and identify opportunities - competitive analysis, customer segmentation, value and supply chain mapping, for example;
  • Language: fluent in English and Hindi
  • Bonus: you are already expert in a given industry
  • Bonus: you already have a viable business plan in mind

Education & Experience

  • At least 4 years of post-undergraduate full-time work experience in a structured environment
  • Highly independent work in a challenging environment
  • Work or travel experience in emerging markets required
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in any field, preferably Business/Commerce/Economics related
  • Bonus: Master’s degree
  • Bonus: You’ve started and/or built up a business before

To Apply

email a resume and cover letter to: aleeya@gmail.com

Download the PDF of this job description

About Generation Enterprise

Generation Enterprise (GEN) builds businesses that create employment and a pathway to equity ownership for urban youth. Our businesses are designed with industry partners, ensuring a market for the services goods. Our on-the-job training provides a more effective means of learning and applying skills and behaviors. Our ownership plans allow experienced employees the opportunity to buy out our shares, resulting in a co-op structure. This approach is based on 5yrs experience working with BoP youth and early stage businesses, research, and stakeholder engagement. With seed funding from the World Bank, Wharton, Stanford, McKinsey, Microsoft, Google, JP Morgan, and CEB among others, GEN currently operates in India and Nigeria.