To empower low-income youth to become agents of economic development in slums.


Generation Enterprise develops skills and livelihoods of urban youth through on-the-job career tracks and a pathway to ownership within our portfolio ventures. On-the-job learning allows those with the least resources, those who need ongoing income to survive, to engage. It also ensures that our service is financially sustainable and therefore scalable. Since 2011, we have worked in Nigeria and India, partnered with the World Bank and local governments, trained over 300 youth and incubated 25+ businesses that have created 50+ jobs, resulting in average income increases of 13x.


  1. Agency, of all participants and stakeholders in our ventures.
  2. Entrepreneurship, defined as ownership and resourcefulness.
  3. Community, relying on an ecosystem of support and impact.
  4. Growth, intellectual honesty and ongoing learning.
  5. Impact, in our discipline and focus on our mission.
  6. Sustainability, both financial and operational.