Our Pilot Project in Delhi, India

Serving Food in the Streets of Dehli

New Delhi thus represented the next megacity where GEN could expand and prove its model in partnering with youth in low-income communities to build up medium scale enterprises that train, employ and empower other unemployed and underemployed youth.

In partnership with the World Bank and Dhriti, a local NGO that promotes the development of sustainable livelihoods via micro enterprise, GEN launched Project Udaan. “Udaan” means ‘flight’ in Hindi and mirrors our goal of equipping our fellows with the tools to achieve economic self-sufficiency and ‘take off’.

Building on the lessons learnt from our four years of experience in Lagos, we have worked with Dhriti to adapt and implement our unique model.

June saw the recruitment of over 60 fellows through an aggressive door-to-door marketing campaign as well as a huge outreach effort to local NGOs.

In July, potential candidates were screened using a combination of a custom designed psychometric test ,team activities and an interview.

In August, we were officially live! Our 15 handpicked fellows, whose dreams range from opening a neighbourhood beauty parlour to a restaurant to a chain of tuition centres, were ready to start their rigorous training program.

After weeks of training in business fundamentals, our 15 fellows are currently in the process of testing out and fine-tuning their business models. They will be partnered on this journey by Business Development Coaches who will act as thought partners through the various challenges they may encounter.

We are excited at what promises to be an amazing and transformational journey for not just the fellows but everyone involved in Udaan!